Ngai Shing NS-47 (Factory Fresh)

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Ngai Shing NS-47 Snap Fixing Machine With Light Marker


Factory Fresh, means we bring it directly from the Factory.
as in "Out of the oven and delivered to your doorstep"
For products coming straight from the factory, there are some facts that you should be aware of:
A- There are 2 ways of paying :
  1.  60 % initial payment with 40 % due upon delivery. 
  2. 100 % complete payment.
B- Order Processing takes 2 days after which payment is irreversible.
     - Cancellations after 2 days will result in loss of payment.
   - Refusal to pay the remaining amount upon delivery will result in loss of payment and product.
C-  Delivery time :
       This product can take between 42-58 days to deliver based on your location.
D- Product Warranty :
   Like most of our products, this product includes a one year manufacturers warranty.


Ngai Shing NS-47 is a pneumatic snap fixing machine with light Marker. FEATURES For punching the buttons such as iron button, plastic button, pearl button and jeans button on garment or natural leather, plastic cloth, etc.

Adopt pneumatic cylinder, strong punching power while remain soft for excellent effect Adjustable punching pressure for punching different kinds of buttons  Can stay a short adjustable time at end stroke and then reset for a better finish Cross light marker ( C01-LM-001-8 ) for accurate positioning and easy to operate Equipped with safety guard which ensures operators' safety effectively.