Organ Needle DOx558 130/21 10pcs

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Organ Needle DOx558: High-Performance Needles for Industrial Sewing

Optimized for Precision and Durability:

  • Industrial Grade: Designed for heavy-duty industrial sewing machines, ideal for upholstery and thick fabric sewing.
  • Compatibility: Ensures seamless operation in machines tailored for rigorous tasks.

High-Quality Construction:

  • Material: Made from premium steel, offering exceptional strength and resistance to bending or breaking.
  • Design Features: Features a sharp point and large eye, facilitating easier thread passage and reducing thread breakage.

Technical Specifications:

  • Needle System: Part of the DOx558 series, known for its robust design and industrial suitability.
  • Dimensions: Blade diameter of 2.00 mm and length of 11.00 mm, designed to enhance fabric penetration.
  • Size: 130/21

Optimal Use Cases:

  • Thick and Heavy Materials: Manages dense materials used in automotive and furniture manufacturing efficiently.
  • High-Speed Sewing: Maintains performance and durability under high-speed conditions.

Why Choose Organ Needle DOx558?

Choose Organ Needle DOx558 for precise, reliable outcomes in industrial sewing. Its specialized construction enhances sewing efficiency and product quality, indispensable for professional environments.