Organ Needle DVx43 100/16 100 pcs

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Organ Needle DVx43: Precision Needles for Flat Seaming

Tailored for Flat Seam Machines:

  • Specialized Use: Specifically designed for flat seaming machines, perfect for creating even seams in knitted garments.
  • Machine Compatibility: Works excellently with flat seamer machines used in high-volume textile production.

High-Quality Construction:

  • Material: Made from durable steel to withstand repetitive use and maintain sharpness.
  • Point Style: Features a medium ball point that gently separates fabric threads, ideal for knit fabrics.

Technical Specifications:

  • Needle System: Adheres to the DVx43 standard, known for precision in flat seam stitching.
  • Design: Engineered to minimize skipped stitches and thread breakage, enhancing seam quality.
  • Size: 100/16

Optimal Use Cases:

  • Textile Manufacturing: Essential for producing sportswear, underwear, and outerwear with stretchable and durable seams.
  • High-Speed Sewing: Capable of operating at high speeds without compromising stitch quality.

Why Choose Organ Needle DVx43?

Choose Organ Needle DVx43 for superior sewing performance in flat seam applications. Its specialized design ensures durable, high-quality seams, crucial for knit garment production.