Organ Needle DVx57 80/12B 100 pcs

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Organ Needle DVx57: Superior Needles for Chainstitch and Coverstitch Machines

Engineered for Specialized Sewing Applications:

  • Dedicated Design: Crafted specifically for chainstitch and coverstitch machines to ensure high-quality, durable seams.
  • Compatibility: Fits perfectly in various industrial sewing machines, enhancing adaptability across textile manufacturing setups.

Robust Construction:

  • Material: Made from high-carbon steel for exceptional durability and resistance to wear under high-speed sewing conditions.
  • Point Style: Features a sharp point that smoothly penetrates multiple layers of fabric, reducing skipped stitches and thread breakage.

Technical Specifications:

  • Needle System: Part of the DVx57 series, known for precision and robust build, suitable for demanding sewing tasks.
  • Size: 80/12b

Ideal for:

  • Heavy-Duty Sewing: Excellently suited for assembling garments and decorative sewing in both automotive and furniture industries.
  • High-Speed Operations: Performs effectively at the fast paces required by modern textile production lines.

Why Choose Organ Needle DVx57?

Select Organ Needle DVx57 for seamless, reliable results in your industrial sewing operations. Its specialized design ensures efficient, high-quality stitching, crucial for precision in textile manufacturing.