Organ Needle EBx755 125/20 100pcs

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Organ Needle EBx755: Precision Needles for High-Speed Embroidery

Engineered for Embroidery Excellence:

  • Specialized Design: Tailored for high-speed embroidery machines, enhancing performance in detailed stitching applications.
  • Compatibility: Ideal for use with multi-head embroidery machines, ensuring smooth operation across various fabrics.

Robust Construction:

  • Material: Made from superior quality steel, these needles withstand the demands of high-speed operations without losing durability.
  • Point Style: Features a light ball point, perfect for protecting delicate knit fabrics from snags and damage while providing precise embroidery.

Technical Specifications:

  • Needle System: Compatible with the EBx755 system, known for handling fine, detailed embroidery work.
  • Size: 125/20

Ideal for:

  • High-Volume Embroidery Projects: Excellently suited for businesses specializing in fashion and decorative textiles.
  • Delicate Fabrics: Perfect for materials that require gentle handling to maintain integrity and appearance.

Why Choose Organ Needle EBx755?

Choose Organ Needle EBx755 for your embroidery projects to achieve optimal results with high precision and minimal fabric damage. These needles are engineered to meet the specific needs of modern embroidery applications, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship in every project.