Organ Needle LWx3T 140/22 100pcs

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Organ Needle LWx3T: Specialized Needles for Leather and Heavy Fabrics

Crafted for Leatherwork:

  • Tailored Design: LWx3T needles are specifically engineered for sewing leather and other heavy materials.
  • Enhanced Durability: These needles are crafted from high-quality steel to withstand the rigors of leather sewing.

Versatile Application:

  • Ideal for Heavy Fabrics: Suitable for sewing heavy-duty materials like denim, canvas, and upholstery fabrics.
  • Stable Stitching: The LWx3T needles provide stable stitching even on tough materials, ensuring consistent results.

Technical Specifications:

  • Needle System: Belonging to the LWx3T series, these needles feature a triangular point design for easier penetration of heavy fabrics.
  • Size : 140/22

Perfect for Leathercraft:

  • Professional Results: Achieve professional-quality seams and stitches on leather projects such as bags, wallets, and garments.
  • High Precision: The specialized design of LWx3T needles ensures precise stitching, even on thick and tough leather.

Why Choose Organ Needle LWx3T?

Organ Needle LWx3T is the perfect choice for leathercraft and heavy fabric sewing projects. With its durable construction and specialized design, it delivers precise and stable stitching, ensuring professional results every time. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, these needles are essential for achieving exceptional craftsmanship in your leatherwork.