Organ Needle PHxC70 100/16 100pcs

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Organ Needle PHxC70: Optimized for Heavy-Duty Sewing

Designed for Enhanced Performance:

  • Specialized Use: Tailored for sewing heavy materials such as automotive interiors and furniture upholstery.
  • Machine Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of industrial sewing machines.

Robust Construction:

  • Durable Material: Made from superior hardened steel to withstand intense sewing tasks.
  • Sharp Point Design: Ensures deep penetration into tough materials, reducing needle deflection and skipped stitches.

Technical Specifications:

  • Needle System: Part of the PHxC70 series, renowned for robustness and precision.
  • Dimensions: Blade diameter of 2.00 mm, total length of 39.00 mm.
  • Size: 100/16

Ideal Applications:

  • Leather and Upholstery: Perfect for high-end upholstery work, including sofas and automotive seat covers.
  • Industrial Fabrics: Effective for sewing canvas, vinyl, and coated fabrics.

Why Choose Organ Needle PHxC70?

Choose the Organ Needle PHxC70 for reliable, consistent stitching crucial for top-quality, heavy-duty sewing tasks.