Organ Needle TVx64-21 100pcs

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Organ Needle TVx64-21: Engineered for Excellence in Industrial Sewing

The Organ Needle TVx64-21 stands as a paragon of precision and durability, tailored specifically for the demanding environments of industrial sewing. With its robust construction and innovative design, this needle caters to professional needs, ensuring every stitch is both strong and precise.

Precision Crafted for Quality and Compatibility

  • Needle System: TVx64-21, specifically developed for high-speed, lockstitch machines.
  • Compatibility: Designed to operate seamlessly with a broad range of industrial sewing machines including but not limited to models from Juki, Brother, and Jack, enhancing its utility in a versatile production setting.
  • Material: Manufactured from a special high-carbon steel formula, hardened to withstand not only wear and tear but also the high stress of fast sewing speeds.
  • Point Design: Features a sharp point, ideal for penetrating thick or dense materials without damage, ensuring clean stitches in leather, denim, and heavy canvas.

Enhanced Features for Optimal Sewing

  • Eye Design: The eye of the needle is shaped to facilitate easy thread passage, reducing thread breakage and fraying, which is crucial for maintaining continuous production lines.
  • Shank: The reinforced shank area prevents bending and breakage under high pressure, which is common in industrial sewing environments.
  • Coating: A unique chrome-plated finish reduces heat and wear, significantly extending the needle's lifespan even under harsh sewing conditions.


  • Packaging: Available in convenient multi-pack options, suitable for large scale industrial use, ensuring you have the right inventory on hand for any project.

Target Applications

  • Industry Use: Ideal for manufacturing heavy garments, automotive upholstery, and furniture coverings.
  • Fabric Compatibility: Perfect for working with a range of materials from light silks to heavy leathers, providing flexibility in textile manufacturing.

The Organ Advantage

With Organ Needle TVx64-21, experience reduced downtime and enhanced productivity. Trusted by industry professionals worldwide, these needles are crafted to deliver superior performance where it matters most. Invest in Organ Needle TVx64-21 for a seamless, efficient, and quality-driven sewing experience, boosting both production quality and volume.