Rabbit Tailors Chalk (50PCS/BOX)

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Box of 50 superior quality wax based tailor's chalk. Each professional grade white chalk marks crisp sewing lines on fabric, the lines naturally fade away within 2 to 7 days depending on the force applied while drawing. Lines will disappear immediately upon contact with a hot steam iron. The ergonomic design of these chalks makes them convenient and easy to apply on any fabric. Drawing the lines become smoother and clearer and no chalk mark is left on the base materials after some time.

  • Don't smear oil, it might not be vaporized.
  • The vaporizing time can depend on fabric, climate, temperature and physical force used when drawing a line.
  • Don't put too much pressure when you draw a line on the thick fabric.
  • Don't use on special fabrics (sticky, oily, etc.)
  • As it is a vaporizing chalk, the sewing mark completely fades away in about 72 hours after using.
  • Will not stain hands.