Ricoma RCM-MT-1502-8s Embroidery Machine *Factory Fresh*

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Double Head, 15-Needle Embroidery Machine


Factory Fresh, means we bring it directly from the Factory.
as in "Out of the oven and delivered to your doorstep"
For products coming straight from the factory, there are some facts that you should be aware of:
A- There are 2 ways of paying :
  1.  60 % initial payment with 40 % due upon delivery. 
  2. 100 % complete payment.
B- Order Processing takes 2 days after which payment is irreversible.
     - Cancellations after 2 days will result in loss of payment.
   - Refusal to pay the remaining amount upon delivery will result in loss of payment and product.
C-  Delivery time :
       This product can take between 42-58 days to deliver based on your location.
D- Product Warranty :
   Like most of our products, this product includes a one year manufacturers warranty.


Suitable for all commercial embroidery needs, MT-1502 can embroider caps, flats, bags, finished garments and more. Redesigned to carry a larger sewing field and a smaller sewing arm for difficult areas, the MT can embroider on both small and bulky items. 

Main Features

  • Designed for embroidery on bulky and large items
  • 15 needles, Double head, suitable for flatbed embroidery, cap/hat embroidery, finished garments embroidery, and more
  • Perfect for home and commercial embroidery
  • A newly developed small sewing arm guarantees better embroidery quality on caps and small items
  • Max. Embroidery Area: 500mm x 350mm
  • Automatic thread trimmer
  • Max. Speed 1000 SPM
  • 270° Cap Embroidery System
  • USB input or direct transmission from PC via LAN or optional via Wi-Fi
  • Networkable and Wi-Fi capable
  • Auto color change
  • Thread break detection
  • Pre-sew design trace capable
  • Automatic memory retention
  • Servo motor 150W – lowest power consumption in the industry!
  • Built-in universal power supply, 110V/60Hz and 220V/50Hz self adaptable worldwide
  • DC36V micro-step motor for X & Y axis driving to ensure low noise and less vibration
  • Heavy-duty steel stand with wheels to ensure both stability and mobility
  • Environment-friendly packaging
  • Included laser trace device
  • Emergency Stop

Touch Screen Control Panel

  • Multi-languages available in English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic, and more
  • User-friendly operation interface with useful functions that make it easy to operate and increase efficiency
  • The machine reads multiple design formats, such as DST, DSB, and more
  • Preset 8 sizes of frames to avoid hitting frame
  • When setting color change sequence, the operator is able to add appliqué, sequin, boring or cording. There is no need to change it on the parameters page
  • Built-in button form 172° degrees to 196° under manual color change mode, a great help for machine maintenance
  • Function keys of frame offset and frame outlining added to operation interface for easy appliqué embroidery and frame change
  • High Definition true color 8” LCD Touch Screen
  • Multi-angle rotational and adjustable control panel bracket for a better view
  • Recessed USB port to protect USB flash drive
  • The new ergonomic touch screen allows easy and comfortable operating by right-hand thumb
  • Main operation area located on the right side of the interface, convenient for right thumb operation
  • One step trace button directly on the main screen
  • External 100° button and trimming button

Accessories included:

  • Table Top
  • Operation Manual
  • Tool Kit

Cap Attachments included:

  • 2 x wide angle 270° cap driver for each machine
  • 1 x cap hooping station for each machine
  • 4 x cap frames for each head

Network Capability Ready

Using advanced network technology, you can connect together as many Ricoma MT Series as you wish to create an extremely flexible production system. Embroider the same design on all of your machines at the same time or different designs on different machines simultaneously.


  • Machine Model: MT1502
  • No of heads: 2
  • No of needles: 15 (with ‘easy color select’)
  • Maximum speed: 1000 SPM (stitches per minute)
  • Memory capacity: 20 million stitches or 200 designs
  • Embroidery area: 500 x 350mm
  • Control Panel: 7″ (18cm) HD LCD touch screen
  • Design transfer options: USB or Ethernet
  • Automatic thread trimming: Yes
  • Thread break detection: Yes
  • Pre-sew design tracing: Yes
  • Built-in light: Included
  • Machine stand: Included
  • Net weight: 190kg
  • Use: Finished garments, caps & flatwork
Wilcom Embroidery Software (Optional)

Wilcom E4.5 Basic Level Embroidery Software 
Wilcom E4.5 Medium Level Embroidery Software 
Wilcom E4.5 Top Level Embroidery Software