Samjin ST-560B Gravity Bottle Iron - Urethane Button Style - High Quality Thermostat - Polished Design

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Samjin ST-560B Gravity Bottle Iron - Excellence in Precision Ironing

Robust and Polished Construction

Experience superior durability with the Samjin ST-560B Gravity Bottle Iron. Its polished design not only enhances your ironing setup aesthetically but also guarantees long-lasting performance. The urethane button style provides a comfortable, non-slip grip, ensuring smooth operation even during extensive ironing sessions.

Precision Temperature Control with High-Quality Thermostat

Achieve perfect heat settings for any fabric, from delicate laces to tough canvases, with the iron's advanced thermostat. This feature allows for meticulous temperature adjustments, ensuring that every garment is treated with the precise level of heat needed, minimizing the risk of damage.

Innovative Gravity Bottle System for Continuous Steam

The gravity bottle system of the ST-560B is ingeniously designed to supply a consistent flow of water, converting it into powerful steam that's essential for effective ironing. This system helps maintain optimal steam production, facilitating faster wrinkle removal and fabric smoothing without the hassle of frequent refills.

Exceptional Steam Capabilities for Flawless Results

Harness the power of enhanced steam technology with the Samjin ST-560B. Its ability to generate dense, evenly distributed steam penetrates deep into fabric fibers, effortlessly removing creases and ensuring professionally ironed finishes every time.

Versatility and Comprehensive Safety Features

Adapt the Samjin ST-560B to various ironing environments, thanks to its compatibility with different ironing stations and boards. Safety is prioritized with features like auto-shutoff to prevent overheating and an anti-drip system that protects garments from water stains during use.

Designed for Both Professional and Home Environments

Whether you're operating a high-demand tailoring shop or simply need a reliable tool for household ironing, the Samjin ST-560B meets all requirements. It combines industrial-grade efficiency with simple operability, making it suitable for both professional tailors and home users seeking professional-quality results.

With its blend of style, efficiency, and versatility, the Samjin ST-560B Gravity Bottle Iron is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to elevate their fabric care routine to professional standards.