Singer 20U-105C ZigZag Sewing Machine Complete Set

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General Applications · Single needle lockstitch zigzag machine for a wide range of materials from light to medium heavy fabrics. Embroidery can also be accomplished on these varieties.

General Specifications · Zigzag stitch width 9 mm - 12 mm. Straight stitching at speeds up to 2,500 s.p.m. can be achieved by means of a needle bar frame locking device. 

Features ·

Independently adjustable and variable forward and reserve feed system facilitates ease of backstitching.

· Stitch width can be adjusted freely by using a knee operated bight control. Stitch width can also be fixed.

· 20U83 hook has advancing and retarding mechanism to keep needle and hook in correct relationship even at widest bights (max. bight 12 mm).

· Easily convertible to embroidery or zigzag or straight stitching.

· Provided with a needle position control device which makes it possible to produce buttonholes.

· Built-in bobbin winder.